Daydreaming on a sunny Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, and typically that means I am overdosing on coffee by 9am, overflowing with energy while I page through knitting blogs and patterns. I found an incredible blog tutorial in Fringe Association that has me totally inspired to start my first top-down sweater (to be clear, first sweater, period). Occasionally, when  I find things like the aforementioned blog, I am just blown away by the luck involved in existing in the internet age. Really, it’s just so amazing to say, “I want to knit a sweater”, and within a couple of days, have the skills and support to actually do it. This applies to everything, of course, not just knitting; though the instant application of new skills is pretty awesome when it comes to creative endeavors.

That being said, I have a lot of things to be excited about, today.

My first set of interchangeable circulars is out for delivery, along with some grey wool that was on sale – enough to make a cowl for a friend from New York who is coming to visit next week. I opted for the KnitPicks Sunstruck set, as it’s incredibly affordable, and has pretty stellar reviews. I have been pretty into using my (fixed cable) ChiaGoo’s, since I was turned on to them by my LYS, so it’s going to be an adjustment. However, I started with wood needles, and do miss the comfort of them, sometimes. A bit of a compromise should be nice. Of course, this just means to me that I will have basically everything I need at my disposal. The hardest part of finding the right pattern, having the right yarn, is learning that you just don’t have the right needles, or anything remotely close. I’m viewing today as the start of a new era in my knitting. I will undoubtedly write up what I think of the needles after a day or two of knitting with them. Hoping they will be my new best friends.

Had a nice vision this morning, as I had a cup of coffee in my garden, with Moosie the dog. It starts as most of my daydreams do – sunshine, animals. Sitting outdoors on an old wooden bench with a ball of yarn to my right, knitting up something quickly, sheep and goats, dogs and cats, chickens, pigs, horses, running around various parts of land. Behind me sits a studio with huge floor looms, table looms, dye basins, spinning wheels, crates filled with wool. Blue and white flowers everywhere, and the land is lush green. I have this vision most days that I’m able to daydream.

Sometimes, just speaking your dreams can make them real.

Daydreaming on a sunny Wednesday

2 thoughts on “Daydreaming on a sunny Wednesday

  1. LOL! Love the way you write. I totally love the “land is lush green” in the same post where you mention sunshine during the winter. I’m over here in San Diego and lush = Tucson, what’s wrong with that picture? BTW – I have the same vision about the studio.

    1. Thank you for the compliments! I’ve never been to San Diego, though I see your city’s name on I-10 road signs quite often around here, and we’re planning a visit to your zoo this coming spring! I’ll have to check your blog for some yarn store recommendations while I’m out there 😉

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